Original SNAPS is a delicious treat with a unique form, traditional texture, and flavor only SNAPS can deliver. In addition, we now have SNAPS merch to offer.

Original SNAPS Classic Chewy Candy

You’re the reason we do this!

Some heartwarming comments from our loyal fans.

From Brian P.

Wow, what a fabulous surprise. I just received your gift of six bags of licorice Snaps and the Snaps notepad. I am truly grateful and in a state of candy bliss as I was ‘Snapless’ at this point and had no expectations of being able to enjoy this treat again until fall. My wife and I will relish these, and the notepad is great, I love it. This was epic and a thank you seems barely enough. So at about 225 pieces per bag multiplied by six bags—THANK YOU! 1350 times over.

Brian P.
From Dan A.

Just received a package of “Snaps” from you! THE AMERICAN LICORICE COMPANY IS ONE OF A KIND. A DINOSAUR OF A COMPANY! Keep up the awesome work!!!!!!!!

Dan A.
From Beth D.

Imagine my shock and surprise when a package from your company arrived yesterday thanking me for my positive comments and SIX more unsolicited packages of Snaps! As luck would have it, we were hosting a little get-together last night. Every couple in attendance professed their love of Snaps and was able to leave my house with a parting gift of the licorice yumminess. Thanks to your generous gift to me! We are ALL encouraged by your endeavor to BRING SNAPS BACK and will be looking for them in stores this fall!

Beth D.
From Susan S.

I just wanted to thank you for the gift of the bags of Snaps! You made my day… I didn’t think I would be able to get them again until Fall!

Thank you…Thank you…Thank you!💕

Susan S.
From Dennis G.

Oh my goodness! THANK YOU so much for the gift of Snaps! Nothing makes me as happy as snaps! You made my day, my week and my year! You Rock!!!! THANK YOU so very much! No candy company has EVER done something as awesome as this!

Dennis G.
From Karen J.

Last week I received a surprise box from you – SIX bags of my favorite candy in the world – SNAPS! I had not ordered them, the enclosed letter stated they were a thank you gift for reviewing the Snaps and being a faithful customer. If you hadn’t already won my loyalty by producing Snaps, you have certainly cemented it now through this wonderful act of kindness.

Karen J.
From Diana L

Thank you! Thank you! A thousand times Thank you for the complimentary Snaps that you sent me a few weeks ago. Boy was I surprised! You were so kind and I really do appreciate it. I am looking forward to Fall when I can order more. I will most likely double my order from last year.

Diana L.
From Debra G.

Imagine my surprise when we received an unexpected gift of our favorite licorice…SNAPS!

We were especially happy to know we wouldn’t run out of this favorite candy until Fall, especially since our family & guests have come to love them, too!

Thank you for thinking of us!

Debra G.
From Lee

Snaps are my all-time, favorite candy! Please let me know when you’re expecting them to return. I’M GOING THRU SNAPS WITHDRAWS!!!

From Mark K.

Please let me know when Snaps are back in stock. I want to purchase a case.

Mark K.

Our Products

Snaps are back!
Limit 10 cases per customer.

Snaps candy is shipped separately from Snaps merchandise

Original SNAPS 12oz Stand up bag

12oz Bag
Original Snaps®
Classic Chewy Candy



6 Pack
Original Snaps®
Classic Chewy Candy


Snaps Original Chewy Candy 12oz box

12 Pack Box
Original Snaps®
Classic Chewy Candy


Snaps candy sold separately

Snaps Candy Blanket

Original Snaps® Blanket


Snaps T-Shirt

Original Snaps® T-Shirt


Snaps Mug

Original Snaps® Mug


History of Snaps

Established in the 1930s

Snaps® brand candy was introduced by American Licorice Company during the Depression. The idea was to provide the consumer with a good value during hard economic times.

In 2014, the Snaps® branded candy went on a hiatus, but due to tremendous consumer demand, the original Snaps® are back for a limited time! After all, it’s an American Classic.